From the 1 January 2000 legislation has required all companies who are involved in the consigning and carriage of dangerous goods to appoint a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA). Companies have the option to appoint a person within their employment or to use the services of a DGSA consultant, whichever is chosen they must be qualified by examination arranged by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Len Hall Chemical Consultants Limited offer a cost effective, bespoke DGSA consultancy service. This will take away the hassle and cost of having to arrange for your own staff to be DGSA qualified every 5 years. It will also deal with the problem of having to train and qualify additional staff for the DGSA role if a member of your staff leaves your company or is on extended leave.

As qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers we can provide the following service for your company:

  • Auditing of your procedures to enable you to comply with the DGSA regulations concerning the classification, labelling, packaging, consigning and carriage of dangerous goods.
  • An annual audit of your practices and production of an improvement plan as required by the DGSA regulations.
  • Specialist interpretation of the regulations concerning the carriage and storage of dangerous goods.
  • Investigation and reporting, and where required the identification of corrective action, of serious accidents or incidents involved with the carriage of dangerous goods.
  • Regulatory updates to keep you abreast of changes in carriage regulations.
  • The use of our name as your nominated Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers.

We already have an extensive portfolio of clients who have opted to use our bespoke cost effective DGSA consultancy service. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail and receive a free of charge quote please click here for our contact details DGSA.